Geschichtomat, loosely translated as history-o-mat, is an interactive and digital project designed to teach students about Jewish history and culture in Hamburg. As part of Geschichtomat’s project week, participating students will head out into their respective neighborhoods and search for traces of Jewish heritage in the city. They will conduct research, meet with specialists, eyewitnesses, and visit local archives and museums. They will also be asked to capture their impressions and experiences on video cameras, iPads and/or cameras. With the support of our Geschichtomat team, this material will be edited and uploaded onto, thus building a digital map of Jewish Hamburg as seen from the perspective of Hamburg’s youth.

Geschichtomat’s focus on the independent and practical acquisition of history, experiental learning (outside the classroom), group work and media literacy culminates in a lasting digital archive – making Geschichtomat a fascinating and unique pilot project within Germany.

Project Office
Beim Schlump 83
20144 Hamburg
Phone.: +49 (0)40/428 38 29 35